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  • 2023 Greater Latrobe-Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit of the Year Award
  • 2023 Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission Residential Program of the Year Award for Middle Creek Female Secure
  • 2023 Pennsylvania Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania Award for Nancy Kukovich, Adelphoi CEO
  • 2022 Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission Residential Program of the Year Award for Middle Creek Male Secure
  • 2022 Comparably Top 100 Best Leadership Team Award
  • 2022 PA State Business and Professional Women’s Organization Employer of the Year Award
  • 2022 District 3 Business and Professional Women’s Organization Business of the Year Award




In-Home services are designed to address the specific needs of the child and family within a home environment, and offer opportunities for family preservation and growth.

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Adelphoi recognizes the need to for all youth to develop the skills necessary to manage the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The primary goal of the Community Independent Living Skills In-Home Services program is to teach the “hard skills” in a hands-on approach to help prepare the youth to live on their own. Youth develop competencies in the following areas: money management and consumer awareness, food management, personal appearance, health and safety, housekeeping, transportation, educational planning, job seeking skills, job maintenance skills, emergency and safety skills, knowledge of community resources, interpersonal skills, legal skills, leisure activities, and housing.

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Adelphoi offers two separate visitation programs: Visit Coaching and Supervised Visitation. Both provide an opportunity for identified children and their families to bond and build positive relationships in a safe and nurturing setting. In Visit Coaching, the model is used as a primary tool for engaging the family in the process and builds on parent strengths to guide and improve their parenting. Supervised Visitation provides an environment where the children and parents can interact while being observed by Adelphoi staff to ensure the safety of the child.

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Adelphoi provides PTSD Aftercare Services to adolescents with a history of trauma and identified and documented symptoms of PTSD. The primary objectives of the program are to provide an effective reintegration program; prevent further out-of-home placement; increase school attendance and performance of youth; improve involvement in family; and reduce the overall dependency of the youth and families on county, state and private social service organizations.

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The Prevention, Treatment and Aftercare Program provides in-home services to youth and their families based on the referral reason, assessed need, and the identified treatment plan goals. Youth referred to the program are adjudicated delinquent or have an open case with Children and Youth Services, and reside with a family member, foster parent or are in an independent living arrangement. The program coordinates and executes multiple services and interventions to meet the needs of youth and their families while maintaining continuity of care throughout.

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Aggression Replacement Training (ART) focuses on development of individual competencies to address various emotional and social aspects that contribute to aggressive behavior in youth. Program techniques are designed to teach youth how to control their anger impulses and use positive alternatives. The main goal is to prevent and reduce aggression and violence among youth by providing them with opportunities to learn prosocial skills in place of aggressive behavior.

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Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an evidence-based intervention for at-risk youth that has been proven to reduce antisocial behavior and juvenile delinquency. The focus of MST is on empowering caregivers to solve current and future problems by focusing on the entire ecology of the youth – family, peers, schools, and neighborhoods. Therapists have small caseloads and are available to families 24/7 over the course of approximately 3 to 5 months. This approach focuses on the natural environment of the child and family and strives to change how the child functions within the context of his/her home, school, neighborhood and peer group. A major emphasis of MST is to empower the parents of caregivers with the skills and resources needed to become independent in addressing the difficulties that arise in raising adolescents, and to assist the youth in developing life-long coping skills.

Adelphoi is the leading provider of MST Services in the state of Pennsylvania.

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As the largest provider of MST services in Pennsylvania, Adelphoi is a driving force in the provision of MST Services to youth and families, as well as in delivering training and consultation to other providers. As a Network Partner authorized by MST Services, Inc., our team of master’s level specialists is able to help you navigate the process toward becoming a licensed MST provider. 

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High Fidelity Wraparound is a team-based, collaborative process for developing and implementing individualized care plans for children with behavioral health challenges and their families. In this program, each family is assigned a facilitator and a family support partner who will help them identify goals and develop an individualized plan to meet the family’s identified goals. A coach/ supervisor is available for consultation and to ensure fidelity to the model and principles.

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The Family Advocacy and Support Program uses a strength-focused process to help families reach their desired goals. The Parent Mentor and Child/Parent advocate levels of care provide a supportive, family-centered approach that respects the family’s culture and values. The Family Support and Advocacy Program will work with the family to identify the service they need as well as connect and develop their natural supports and community resources.

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