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“Adelphoi is helping me pay my graduate tuition….the program covers most of my tuition, so that is stress off my shoulders.”
Anna Weltz

Employees have the opportunity to fund their pursuit of additional education through two possible scholarship tracks:

1. The Tuition Reimbursement Program

Available to both full- and part-time staff, the Tuition Reimbursement Program offers employees up to $5,000 annually to cover the costs of tuition and book expenses for earning credits towards their degrees.

Employees may request reimbursement for graduate level credits, college credits leading to a bachelor’s degree, or for programs or activities that support professional growth and competency.

2. The Work Scholars Program

The Work Scholars Program is available to eight individuals a year. In exchange for a work commitment while in graduate school, Adelphoi makes a significant contribution to help fund the master’s level education of program participants. Upon completion of the student’s graduate degree, Adelphoi makes a $5,000 grant to assist the student in paying for the education.

At the end of an additional two years of service a second payment of $5,000 is made, bringing the academic assistance amount to a total of $10,000.