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Become an Adelphoi

MST Network Partner

As the largest provider of MST services in Pennsylvania, Adelphoi is a driving force in the provision of MST Services to youth and families, as well as in delivering training and consultation to other providers. Since 2000, Adelphoi has been delivering clinical support, training and administrative support to other agencies offering MST services in the US and in other countries, including Norway and the Netherlands. As a Network Partner authorized by MST Services, Inc., our team of master’s level specialists is able to help other providers navigate the process toward becoming a licensed MST provider.

Why become a provider of MST services?

  • Expanded continuum of care – both as a single service or as an enhancement of existing programming
  • Only 5% of all families appropriate for MST services are being served
  • Family First legislation will expand opportunities for MST services 

    Why Partner With Adelphoi?

    • One of the original MST Network Partners, now the largest provider in PA
    • 24-year history of providing MST services
    • Keen understanding of the licensure, regulatory, funding, staffing, and service delivery elements
    • Personalized approach from experts familiar with local culture, customs, and service ecology
    • Quality training and consultation at a competitive price
  • Adelphoi can support your organization throughout the Network Partner process, helping you to identify risks, evaluate cost models and develop strategies for implementation.  Adelphoi assists with:

    • Weekly MST Clinical Consultation

    • Staff Training and Development

    • Monthly Supervisor Calls

    • Quality Assurance and Improvement

    • Rate Negotiations

    • Audits and Review

Child Guidance Resource Centers has been providing Multi-Systemic Therapy for 20 years and partners with Adelphoi for staff training and program support to maintain our high level of fidelity to the MST model. Adelphoi also provides quarterly booster trainings and weekly consultation for case review and quality assurance. The entire Adelphoi team actively works to help our staff strengthen their skills in accordance with the MST model.

CGRC is happy to work with Adelphoi and value their dedication to our MST staff and agency.

-Gina Hayes, MSW
Senior Director of Juvenile Support & Prevention Services
Child Guidance Resource Centers