Our Shining Stars

Adelphoi programs are designed to help youth find success not only during treatment, but more importantly, when they leave Adelphoi. Our youth shine brightly once they’re able to put their newly earned skills into to practice and transform into the person they were destined to be.

Meet Manny

Before receiving help from Adelphoi, Manny was at a low point in his life, with no hope of college or a future. Like many kids at the age of 14, he was rebellious and did not care about consequences. Cascading into a downward spiral, he eventually found himself in front a judge.

“The judge wanted to send me back to Africa, but then my probation officer at the time mentioned Adelphoi as another option. At first I did not see it, but that was the best thing to ever happen to me. Adelphoi unknowingly changed my life with the help of my juvenile probation officer.”

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Manny was given hope for his future with the opportunity to attend high school and also college through the Adelphoi Promise. The Adelphoi Promise gives youth the chance to attend one of nine community colleges across Pennsylvania, tuition free.

“Adelphoi helped me by giving me hope, a hope of getting back in school and an opportunity to make something out of myself. I remember the first day Brooke Pierce, Adelphoi’s Promise Coordinator, called me into her office to mention the possibility of getting a two year college experience, all expenses paid for. This ignited a passion and a hope within me that still fuels me in my day-to-day interactions. Adelphoi really did give me the ability to dream of a better future for myself.”

Today, Manny is attending Westmoreland County Community College studying Human Services and Social Work.

“I have the most amazing story of how I got to choose this major. I walked into Ms. Pierce’s office with no clue what I wanted to go back to school for, we brainstormed and BAM! It clicked. I wanted to study how to help people and how to know when and how to help them. So, I enrolled in classes at WCCC. Getting my first A motivated me to excel in all of my other classes.”

Besides excelling in academics, Manny is also president of the Student Government Association.

“My life is built around helping people the same way I have been helped by so many awesome individuals that I met at Adelphoi, people like the late Mark Flock, who became like a father to me, Brooke Pierce, and so many more. The life I live now is to honor that faith they all have in me, but most importantly to benefit myself and my daughter, and also to inspire change and hope within kids and young adults that are in the same situation I was in. I feel grateful to all the people that have sown great seeds of encouragement and love in my life.”


Before Adelphoi, Bob didn’t have many healthy relationships with friends and family. He would often hang out with friends that were a negative influence on him. His life consisted of trying to push the limits of what he thought was wrong and what was actually wrong. Bob needed structure and guidance from Adelphoi to bring him to terms with reality with the decisions he was making.

“Adelphoi helped me by showing me that I wasn’t alone in my thinking and decision making. They gave me the opportunity to not only recognize my actions but also help me understand why I would act out in certain ways and give me tools to follow and learn from so I had a better chance of not repeating my negative behavior.”

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Adelphoi also showed Bob that there were people that understood what he was going through and wanted to offer guidance to help him make better choices that would lead to a more productive and healthy lifestyle.

“Adelphoi gave me opportunities of leadership, accountability and responsibility. Through situations such as being a home manager for a week, keeping myself accountable for negative behavior, tasks such has schoolwork and treatment work, I had things to focus on, which in the long run, carried over into my daily routine 10 years later. From these opportunities, I often seek leadership positions instead of being a follower, I am more self-accountable and pride myself with integrity through work and personal life. I find taking responsibility easier knowing that I have the willpower to follow through and the determination to get tasks and jobs finished.”

After Adelphoi, Bob jumped right back into high school as a 16-year-old freshman. He completed high school on time and pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Commercial Music Technology from California University of Pennsylvania.

“After I received my undergraduate degree, I went back to California University of Pennsylvania to pursue a master’s degree in business administration. After 2 more years of school and through the help of the Adelphoi’s scholarship programs, I was able to pay for and complete the required curriculum in order to receive my MBA in 2018.” “The programs and services at Adelphoi that I received made a difference in my life because I am now fully aware of my life and my actions. I can easily identify things like seemingly unimportant decisions and high-risk situations that I couldn’t recognize before Adelphoi. From the programs at Adelphoi, I’ve learned about understanding my behavior cycles and how to identify my problem areas. I have also learned about urge control and empathy. These two things have impacted my life the most because I use them every day. Having the self-control to stay away from temptations and releasable behaviors as well as recognizing and having empathy for the people that I hurt or could have hurt keep me more self-aware and help me to live a healthy and responsibly life.”

Today, Bob’s life is completely different from his days before Adelphoi. He currently has a successful sales position with a plastics supply company.

“This year has been my 10th year since completing treatment at Adelphoi. Almost every day I find myself doing or thinking about the lessons that I’ve learned from this program. Adelphoi has taught me that all of my actions will never only affect myself. The way I handle every life choice for the rest of my life will affect my family and the people around me.”
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