Cutting-edge assessment and treatment within a safe, therapeutic environment.

Each residential program is designed to meet the individualized needs of youth in placement. As treatment needs change, our unique continuum of care model allow youth to move from one program to another in a way that will ensure success. Education is provided on site or through Adelphoi’s Ketterer Charter School.

Adelphoi encourages participation by the family in the youth’s treatment and offers family visitation assistance.

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Shelter Programs provide 24-hour care for dependent or delinquent male youth in need of crisis intervention or temporary care in a community-based setting. This short-term, 30-day program meets all of the youth’s needs by establishing a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment and is available in several of our programs.  Diagnostic services are available.


Diagnostic services are designed as an evaluative model for male and female youth in need of a personal and family assessment in a short time period. Fourteen-day and 28-day and 45-day diagnostic evaluations are available, as well as a 28-day Sexual Issues diagnostic.


The Specialized Independent Living Program (SIL) provides care to male youth who have been released from alternative-to-secure or secure placement and are in need of independent living skills while receiving minimal supervision. Independent living classes include instruction in cooking and cleaning, obtaining employment and securing housing. Youth in the SIL Program must be employed and may attend one of the local public high schools, colleges or trade schools.


Intensive Supervision Group Homes provide community-style living to chronically delinquent or dependent male and female youth. The program offers community-based mental health services and medication management, as well as on-site psychiatric and psychological services.

IS – Mental Health Focus

Intensive Supervision Group Home – Mental Health Focus provides more intensive counseling and treatment to dependent or delinquent male and female youth who are coping with a mental health diagnosis. The program focus is to provide education and support for the mental health diagnosis while allowing the client to take responsibility for their daily actions. The program offers community-based mental health services and medication management, as well as on-site psychiatric and psychological services.


The Substance Abuse Treatment Program is a non-hospital-based group home aimed at teaching youth alternatives to chemical use. Licensed by the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs. The program provides a staff-secure environment for male youth that have identified problems with substance abuse.


The Sex Offender Treatment Program provides a holistic approach for youth who have committed sexual offenses. Treatment is individualized to help the youth with past sexual victimization, family dynamics and other problems specific to the youth. The goal of treatment is to help youth determine the pattern of offending, while developing sexual safeguards and a relapse prevention plan. A separate program is offered for youth who have a mental health diagnosis

Enhanced Supervision

Enhanced supervision is an alternative to secure program for male youth who are at risk of running away or are not appropriate for an intensive supervision level program. The facility offers delayed locks and increased supervision of youth.


Secure Facilities provide locked, secure supervision to adjudicated delinquent male and female youth who have committed serious or chronic offenses, are aggressive runaway risks, or display other serious delinquent behaviors. Youth committed to this program have usually had prior contact with the court system and may have had several prior placements. Step-down into a less secure placement is available as the youth progresses.

Adelphoi also offers Secure Care for high risk youth who have been adjudicated for sexually victimizing behavior, have a founded abuse allegation or self-admission of an offense.

Adelphoi provides a continuum of quality services to children, youth, and families from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Delaware. Headquartered in Latrobe, PA, our 650 staff provide help and hope to over 2,000 youth and families each year.

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