Your Story is Our Story

Adelphoi is proud to celebrate a legacy of 50 years of service to kids and families.  But Adelphoi’s history is made up of the many extraordinary efforts and contributions of our staff. We invite you to share a memorable experience that you have had at Adelphoi or how Adelphoi has impacted your life.


William Emerick

Education Supervisor
"Working at Adelphoi has helped develop the skills I have needed to be successful within my field. Adelphoi has improved my drive for success and has helped me grow as an educator and advance in my career. Working here gives the chance to change the life of students and families for the better and help them succeed in their future and that leaves an impactful meaning on the world around us. I am proud to be a part of Adelphoi and I am proud of the students that come in every day and work hard to succeed."

Brandi Brukner

PTSD Therapist
"I recently received a call from a previous client. When she was with Adelphoi, she was constantly fighting, wanted to quit school, and had little motivation. Several months after working together, she expressed interest in joining the military. She recently graduated from basic training and is working on helicopters. She expressed feeling so empowered by our time together. I am so unbelievably proud of her! Although it may not always seem like it at the time, we do make a difference!"

Billie Jean Miller

MST Supervisor
"Hands down, Adelphoi is the best company I have worked for in regards to supporting its employees.  The MST Team has been endlessly supportive of my life events, including a car accident and the birth of my son.  Since joining the team at Adelphoi, I have felt as though they put the person first.  It is clear that leadership wants Adelphoi to set the bar in all aspects of the community, education, and mental health, and they encourage the employees to excel individually in order to make that happen."

Stephen Thompkins

Education Aide
"A memorable moment at Adelphoi is seeing several of my former students in the public setting and seeing them being positive role models in society."

Tony Diorio

Assistant Director of Facility Operations
"I can remember as a kid going to Saint Vincent College to watch Adelphoi staff play basketball against the Steelers. It would be a huge week for us at Saint Vincent Grade School with poster contests and the Steelers would visit. The whole process was centered around what Adelphoi does for kids and everyone got on board to help."

Dan Anderson

Facilities Technician
"My most memorable moment was the day I got hired 8+ years ago. I met some of the most caring and wonderful staff and some of the most amazing residents here that you could not find anywhere else.
Working in Facilities Operation I learned so much that I couldn’t even explain. Working alongside staff has been totally incredible. For me to pick one memorable moment would be impossible."

Adelphoi provides a continuum of quality services to children, youth, and families from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Delaware. Headquartered in Latrobe, PA, our 650 staff provide help and hope to over 2,000 youth and families each year.

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