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Foster Care Services

Over 15,000 children in Pennsylvania are in temporary foster care on any given day.  Adelphoi’s foster care program is a family-based resource that allows youth who have been referred by the courts to grow and develop in a family environment until they can return home or to a permanent family. Professional casework services are provided to each youth in foster care and their foster family. There are several options available for families wanting to provide foster care.

Why should I choose Adelphoi foster care services?

  • Foster families restore a sense of hope and stability in the lives of the youth that they work with
  • Our compassionate and dedicated staff provide ongoing support and training for foster families and children, including preparation groups, post-care, follow-up and discharge support
  • Our “out of care” success and stability rate for youth after discharge is notably high
  • Our scholarship funds are impressive — foster care alumni have received over $40,000 in scholarships



  • Foster Care Services

    Every child deserves a loving home. In a perfect world, children would be safe, loved and cared for. Unfortunately, many children exist in families where abuse, neglect, drugs and alcohol are the norm.

    A happy family with two teen girls

    Adelphoi, a premier provider of foster care services in Southwestern PA, has been placing foster kids successfully for over 30 years. Through a strong system of care and our exemplary foster families, Adelphoi is able to help these children grow and develop within a healthy family environment. Foster Care services include Intensive, Specialized, and Pregnant and Parenting.

    Call 1-800-KID-5928 for more information

    Office Locations

    Blair Region

    1331 12th Avenue, Suite 305
    Altoona, PA 16601
    Call: 814-944-3512

    Bradford Region

    7 Poplar Street
    Towanda, PA 18848
    Call: 570-265-0213

    Huntingdon Region

    10526 Fairgrounds Road, Suite 3
    Huntingdon, PA 16652
    Call: 814-506-8158

    Westmoreland Region

    Human Services Center
    1011 Old Salem Road, Suite 208
    Greensburg, PA 15601
    Call: 724-838-9074

    Williamsport Region

    The Carl E. Stotz Building
    1965 Lycoming Creek Road, Suite 208
    Williamsport, PA 17701
    Call: 570-326-0532

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    Become a Foster Parent

    There are more than 500,000 children in the United States who have been removed from their homes. All of them deserve to have a family that loves and protects them. Could you offer your home and your love to just one child in need?

    Adelphoi Village’s foster care program, a premier provider of foster care services in Southwestern PA, offers these children with a stable, structured environment, ensuring their physical and emotional safety while they are away from their families. Our foster parents work as part of a treatment team where permanency and treatment plans are developed for youth in conjunction with the courts, the natural family, and Adelphoi Village. Through ongoing training and support, Adelphoi Village provides foster parents with the tools necessary to deal with situations they may encounter along the way.

    The foster family's primary responsibility is to guide, to love, and to discipline the youth as she/he progresses in overall development. Our ultimate goal is to reunite the family unit.

    Options available include:

    1. Specialized Foster Care for difficult to place children
    2. Intensive Foster Care for youth with more intense problems
    3. Pregnant and Parenting Care to work with pregnant teens and new mothers

    Adelphoi Village foster families receive 24-hour on-call assistance, and are eligible for reimbursements and compensation.

    Daily Reimbursement
    A daily reimbursement is offered to each family who fosters a youth to help meet the youth's daily needs. The amount varies depending on the services that the youth requires and the length of service of the foster parent. An increased daily reimbursement is contingent upon successful completion of each annual evaluation.

    Medical Reimbursement
    All medical services and prescription drug costs incurred by the youth in care are covered by health insurance, parental insurance, or by the placing agency.

    Adelphoi Village conducts a family preparation program, as well as ongoing training, that provides parents with the knowledge and resources necessary to deal with children’s issues.

    Adelphoi Village provides ongoing support and case management from caring Adelphoi staff, including a 24-hour on-call service. You become part of a team that is working toward the best possible outcome for your foster child.

    Call 1-800-KID-5928 for more information

    For information on becoming a foster parent, please contact paul.johnson@adelphoi.org in the Western Region, sue.kaczyinski@adelphoi.org in the Northeastern Region, and or greg.reitler@adelphoi.org in the Central region, or call 1-800-KID-5928 today!

    Download Foster Care and Adoption brochure

  • Kinship Care

    Adelphoi provides Kinship Care Services to determine whether a potential kin caregiver’s home is a safe placement for youth remanded to the child welfare system. Adelphoi offers two types of services: Home Safety/Caretaker Assessment Study and Formal Kinship Caregiver Services.

    The Home Safety/Caretaker Assessment Study is used to evaluate the safety of a potential kin caregiver’s home and assess the ability of the kin caregiver. The assessment, which includes a home inspection, is based upon a careful, responsive assessment of the strength and needs of the youth and birth family and the ability and desire of the kinship caregiver to meet these needs.

    The Formal Kinship Caregiver Services includes regular casework services within the home on a bi-weekly basis.

    For more information on Kinship Care, please contact Robin Klimke at 724-804-7000 or robin.klimke@adelphoi.org.  

Learn more about becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent. A Resource Family Recruiter will contact you.

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