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Community-Based Services

  • Multisystemic Therapy

    • Male/Female, Ages 12-17
    • Locations: Adams, Armstrong, Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Columbia, Cumberland, Fayette, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Juniata, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Snyder, Somerset, Union, Washington, Westmoreland and York Counties

    Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is a time-limited, intensive family intervention intended to stabilize the living arrangement, promote reunification, or prevent and reduce the utilization of out-of-home therapeutic resources. This approach focuses on the natural environment of the child and family and strives to change how the child functions within the context of his/her home, school, neighborhood and peer group. A major emphasis of MST is to empower the parents of caregivers with the skills and resources needed to become independent in addressing the difficulties that arise in raising adolescents, and to assist the youth in developing life-long coping skills.

    Therapists are on-call for their families 7 days per week around the clock. Each therapist carries a small caseload (4 to 6 families at any one time). For weekends, a 24-hour on-call system is active, with supervisory staff on as back-up to support the primary on-call therapist.

    Adelphoi Village is the leading provider of MST services in the state of Pennsylvania.

    For more information on MST services, please contact Beth Kuhns at 724-322-7700 or beth.kuhns@adelphoi.org.

    Download Multisystemic Therapy brochure

    MST Referral Contacts

    Now Hiring MST Therapists

    Working with the Adelphoi MST Program is an exciting career path! We recently asked Julianna Ohler, MST Supervisor in Westmoreland County, a few questions about her career with Adelphoi. If you are interested in applying please mail your resume to mst@adelphoi.org

    Meet MST Therapist Julianna

  • Family Preservation

    • Families with Children 0-18 years of age
    • Location: Westmoreland, Bradford, Tioga, and Fayette Counties

    The Family Preservation Program is offered to families who are dealing with abuse, neglect and at-risk children. The program takes an intervention approach that surrounds youth and families with customized services to prevent out-of-home placement and assist in expedited reunification.

    For more information on Family Preservation Services, please contact Nikole Jackson at 724-838-9074 or nikole.jackson@adelphoi.org.

    Download Family Preservation brochure

  • High Fidelity Wraparound Services

    • Families and Youth of All Ages
    • Location: Fayette County

    High Fidelity Wraparound is a team-based, collaborative process for developing and implementing individualized care plans for children with behavioral health challenges and their families. The term “wraparound” is used to define an intervention approach that surrounds a youth and family with customized services and supports.

    The High Fidelity Wraparound model consists of 4 phases, with activities for each phase. The phases are implemented with a high degree of fidelity to 10 established High Fidelity principles.

    In this program, each family is assigned a facilitator and a family support partner who will help them identify goals and develop an individualized plan to meet the family’s identified goals. A coach/ supervisor is available for consultation and to ensure fidelity to the model and principles.

    For more information on High Fidelity Wraparound Services, please contact Tim Truckenmiller at 724-430-4907 or tim.truckenmiller@adelphoi.org.

    Download High-Fi Wraparound brochure

  • Family Advocacy Program

    • Location: Westmoreland County

    The primary goal of the Family Advocacy and Support Program is to bring families through a strength-focused process that will help them reach their desired goals, whether that is related to parent/child advocacy or parent mentor support. To achieve the goals laid out, there are two levels of care that a family can participate. The Parent Mentor and Child/Parent advocate levels of care provide a supportive, family-centered approach that respects the family’s culture and values. The Family Advocacy and Support Program will work with the family to identify the service they need as well as connect and develop their natural supports and community resources (family, friends, and faith).

    For information on the Family Advocacy Program, please contact Nikole Jackson at 724-838-9074 or nikole.jackson@adelphoi.org.

    Download Family Advocacy Program brochure

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Aftercare Services

    • Male/Female, Ages 12-19
    • Location: Westmoreland County

    Adelphoi provides PTSD Aftercare Services to adolescents with a history of trauma and identified and documented symptoms of PTSD. The PTSD services program offers extensive PTSD and trauma-related behavioral interventions that are used throughout the state of Pennsylvania in treating PTSD in adolescents.

    Interventions such as workbooks, art therapy, journaling, and the Pennsylvania Residential Treatment Curriculum are used to assist with decreasing the severity, frequency, and duration of symptoms experienced by the client.

    The PTSD Services Worker serves as a professional support for the family in educating and increasing awareness of the impact of trauma and PTSD on the family system.

    The primary objectives of the program are to provide an effective reintegration program; prevent further out-of-home placement; increase school attendance and performance of youth; improve involvement in family; and reduce the overall dependency of the youth and families on county, state and private social service organizations.

    For more information on PTSD services, please contact Christa Bush at 724-838-9074 or christa.bush@adelphoi.org.

    Download PTSD brochure

    MST Referral Contacts

  • Sex Offender In-Home Services

    • Male/Female, Ages12-18

    The Sex Offender In-Home Services Program provides sex offense counseling to youth who have either been adjudicated on a sex offense, had an indicated sexual abuse investigation, or self-admission of a sexual offense but have been determined as safe to remain in their home. A psychosocial assessment and sexual history assessment is conducted, as well as a family assessment and home study. The program provides specialized counseling for sex offending, as well as family counseling.

    For more information on Sex Offender In-Home Services, please call Theresa Matson, 724-804-7018.

  • Partial Program

    • Male/Female, Grades 1-6
    • Location: Latrobe, Westmoreland County

    The Partial Program is a school-based program designed to accept children who require a higher level of structure and support than traditional mental health outpatient treatment, but who are not showing the level of acuity that would necessitate mental health inpatient treatment. This allows the child to remain at home in their community while receiving mental health treatment and educational support.

    Partial Program uses an interdisciplinary team approach to provide a well-balanced, effective treatment system. The goal of the treatment is to help students replace negative coping skills with pro-social and more effective behavior so that they can return to a less restrictive environment. The Partial Program treatment team consists of a psychiatrist, program supervisor, master’s level therapist, mental health specialists, academic support staff and a nurse. Treatment teams use an interdisciplinary approach by collaborating with families and school districts.

    For more information on Partial Programs, please contact Jennifer Zylka at 724-804-7211 or jennifer.zylka@adelphoi.org.

    Download Partial brochure