There is nothing more important to providing transformational care to at-risk youth and families than the quality of the staff who deliver those services. Adelphoi is fortunate to have an exemplary team of steadfast, compassionate individuals who are fully invested in the health and welfare of our young people.  Adelphoi team care for every child as if they were their own.  Through their passion and commitment, we are able to provide the highest level of service to our youth and families.

Meet Angela Rugh, Shift Supervisor for Independent Living 

The Independent Living program at Adelphoi is the last service provided for youth before they step out into the world on their own. The IL program helps youth gain the skills needed to live independently.

Angela Rugh has worked with Adelphoi’s Independent Living program for over six and a half years, and is currently a Shift Supervisor. “We help [them] with skills like getting a driver’s license, finding an apartment, and budgeting to name a few.” She explains typical work in this position includes “taking youth to and from work… transport to and from any county meetings, appointments, and what we call Community Time,” when the kids are permitted to spend an hour on their own out in the community. “We try to put together fun day trips for the youth to enjoy,” Rugh explains. “In the past, we have done bowling, Keystone State Park, Kerber’s, Ohiopyle, and Overly’s Country Christmas.” In addition to these activities, Rugh says her position is in charge of completing weekly counseling sessions and monthly reports for the youth. Rugh also helps to facilitate cooking classes so the kids are more familiar with making homemade meals for themselves and others.

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With her degree in Psychology, Rugh was looking to make a difference in someone’s life. She applied to Adelphoi and worked her way to Shift Supervisor. “Everyone I work with gained experience and worked up through the ranks. Some started on midnight as non-clinical youth service worker and others started as a clinical youth service worker, Advisor I, Advisor II, Senior Advisor, etc.” In addition to working her way through different positions, Rugh says that working for Adelphoi has helped her grow in many aspects of her life. “Over time, my self-confidence greatly increased… I have learned to come out of my comfort zone by being less shy and more outspoken. I have acquired leadership skills.”

Culture is an important aspect for any job, but Rugh explains that working in her unit is like working in a family. “We are there for each other and help out anytime someone needs it. We are able to make a fun shift, yet get things done within the work day.” As well as having a healthy and established relationship with coworkers, Rugh emphasizes the importance of having strong bonds with the youth in her work. “They generally need someone to just listen to them and not treat them like ‘criminals,’” she says. “Success for me is when you spend months working with a youth in IL, teaching them what you can, then seeing them leave the program successfully.” She explains that they will help them acquire a place to live, a job, and sometimes, even a car. “The best feeling is a few months later, they call the unit and tell you how well they have been doing since leaving the program.” 

Rugh’s appreciation for Adelphoi boils down to the differences they have made and will continue to make. “You realize that the world would not be as good of a place to live in without Adelphoi,” she explains. “We are making a difference in the lives of the at-risk youth within our care.” The Independent Living program offers youth that last bit of support before being on their own, and Rugh believes that’s the most unique part of her job. “We are the last step before they enter into adulthood. We help them to be successful members of society.” Whether it is the skills and experience she has gained herself or the skills she has helped youth acquire in the IL program, Rugh says she has found the difference she was looking for.

Meet Adrianna Berry, Clinical Coordinator at Sweeney Home

A day-in-the-life for Adrianna Berry’s job doesn’t quite exist. “It really just depends on the day,” Berry laughs. “I’m doing anything from taking kids to their drug and alcohol appointments, talking to county workers, or just calling families if they need to talk.” Mondays are the busiest for Berry, but she gets to do what she loves the most. “Hanging out with the kids,” she says. “I’m talking to them all the time and it’s what I love… going over files with them, taking them to their P.O. visits or doctors’ appointments.” After all, Berry admits that it was the kids that attracted her to work at Adelphoi in the first place. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Berry wasn’t really sure what to expect when she applied for her first counseling position at Adelphoi. “I’m not from this area, but I really wanted a job because of the kids.” She moved her way through positions in Adelphoi – starting in 2015 as a counselor, then becoming a youth service worker, a shift supervisor, a clinical coordinator at Vincent Home, a unit director at Anchor House, and finally her current position as a clinical coordinator at Sweeney Home. When asked what she has learned about herself since starting at Adelphoi, Berry answers, “Every aspect of my life has grown since I’ve been here… my relationships and just the way that I get to know people. I used to be a quiet person, and I didn’t have any friends. I’ve learned to build those relationships with my coworkers.” 

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Berry believes the best skills for her position as a clinical coordinator include communication, good organization, and a willingness to listen. “You’re around kids all day,” she explains, “to get the job done, you really just have to listen to them.” Berry also agrees it’s best to be able to take criticism in your work, because it’s how you will grow both professionally and personally. Defining her own success, Berry was more than happy to explain that it starts with the kids. “It blows my mind when I go into a unit on a Monday morning, and they start talking to me… ‘I’m a level one now!’ or ‘I’m a level two and I get a go-home pass!’ They get so excited about their own accomplishments,” she says. “Ultimately, a successful discharge [from their group home] is what we want. That’s what makes me feel like I’ve done my job right.”

Working for Adelphoi has brought Berry such positive changes in her life. “It’s made me a better person,” she explains. “I’ve developed better skills to grow… not just in work, but as a person. I’ve learned to work in different atmospheres just based on where my placement is.” She says that working for Adelphoi is a job that requires the effort you put in if you want the same volume of reward. “You need to be willing to put in time and work. It’s not something you can just go home and forget about… you need to be willing to work at it if you want to progress, and you can always progress at Adelphoi. The company is good, it’s a great job.” Berry goes on to explain that Adelphoi has always shown appreciation for their employees, no matter the department. They also compensate in forms of promotions or pay raises, which is simply an added bonus to the fulfilling work she is already completing. 

Once feeling out of place and intimidated by a company with such great rapport, Adrianna Berry now feels at home with Adelphoi. She has been able to work in many different positions, watching herself grow personally and professionally, and she has found success working with the kids in her unit. So, even though her days may be hard to summarize in just a few sentences, Berry wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Adelphoi’s Tuition Reimbursement Program Offers Tremendous Benefit to Current and Prospective Employees

For several decades, employees of Adelphoi have been taking advantage of the Tuition Reimbursement Program, a fund available to both full and part-time staff at Adelphoi, in an effort to promote further skill and educational support by the company. Originally titled the President’s Fund, employees may request up to $5,000 annually to cover the costs of tuition and book expenses for earning credits towards their degrees. 

Recently obtaining his Bachelor’s degree with the Reimbursement Program, Ken Drewery, Middle Creek Shift Supervisor, explains how the opportunity is just another one of the great professional benefits at Adelphoi. “There are many opportunities to broaden your skills as a leader, a team member, and a juvenile justice professional,” notes Drewery. Drewery was one of ten staff members awarded funds for their tuition in 2022. In order to be considered for the Reimbursement Program, Drewery, along with other eligible employees, submitted an application displaying satisfactory performance in his role at work and a written narrative on how the degree sought would benefit his professional growth at Adelphoi. 

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Beth Latuch, Unit Director, is currently working towards earning her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Child and Adolescent Disorders. Latuch, along with Drewery, is one of the ten staff members awarded tuition reimbursement this year, and she is excited for the future with her degree in her hands. “Having the opportunity to continue my education in the professional counseling field not only improves my abilities to work with the youth we serve, but it also creates an opportunity for me to transfer my learning to my staff and colleagues,” Latuch says. 

Similar to Latuch, Megan Keys describes her experience with the Reimbursement Program as a chance to broaden and apply her skills. Keys, Community Relationship Manager, says, “On several occasions, I have implemented skills that I learned while taking my courses from designing a brochure or a website to reaching out and collaborating with others.” Keys recently received her Master’s degree in Communication with a concentration in New Media Marketing through Adelphoi’s program. Her supervisor, Karyn Pratt, had used the Reimbursement Program to obtain her MBA, which had inspired Keys to do the same. Latuch had a comparable experience, saying, “I have always been encouraged by my peers and supervisors that if I was interested in continuing my education, that the Reimbursement Program would be a great opportunity for me.” 

Latuch, along with her fellow employees awarded with the fund, found that cost can be an overwhelming barrier when looking to begin or continue pursuing a degree. Adelphoi eliminated that barrier for her, and she is able to continue working towards her Master’s without concern of financial burden.

Past and present employees who have taken advantage of the Tuition Reimbursement Program at Adelphoi praise the program and highly recommend it to anyone considering beginning the application process. Latuch says she recommends the program, “because this opportunity is not common in other fields or places of employment and is a wonderful benefit to working at Adelphoi.” 

Latuch emphasizes the importance of continuing education, saying it “makes a big impact on how we work with our clients, and there is always an area to continue learning and growing!” Keys recommends the Reimbursement Program because of the ability to complete her Master’s degree on her own time. “As a mom, I was busy with my kids,” Keys says, “but I was able to take one class at a time… It was something that I never thought that I would do, but now I feel such a sense of accomplishment!” 

Not only does the Reimbursement Program allow for employees to further their education while they are working, it reduces barriers around cost and timing. Like Drewery, Latuch, and Keys, Adelphoi employees who have used the Tuition Reimbursement Program demonstrate great achievement in their personal and professional growth. This program will continue to provide a unique opportunity for the current and future employees who wish to continue their education in support of Adelphoi’s mission.

Adelphoi provides a continuum of quality services to children, youth, and families from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Delaware. Headquartered in Latrobe, PA, our 650 staff provide help and hope to over 2,000 youth and families each year.

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