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Adelphoi youth face many challenges while in placement. Even more daunting, however, are the experiences that they face once they leave our programs. Key to a youth’s success after discharge is being able to obtain the vocational skills and education necessary to secure employment after graduation.

Adelphoi Promise Brochure

In order to help youth achieve a better future for themselves, Adelphoi has launched the Adelphoi Promise. The Adelphoi Promise is an initiative that will facilitate college enrollment and subsequent graduation for current and former Adelphoi youth. The program offers three tiers of assistance: financial support, life skills support, and academic support. Combined, these three facets will provide the best chance for at-risk youth to achieve post-secondary success.

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The Adelphoi Promise will provide former and current Adelphoi youth with the following:

  • Two years of education tuition-free at their home community college
  • Financial assistance for books
  • Refurbished laptop computer, when applicable
  • Guidance and support


The Adelphoi Promise is more than just financial assistance — it offers a firm hand to guide youth through the process of making post-secondary education a reality. Adelphoi employs a dedicated staff person to help youth navigate the educational system. This counselor assists in identifying a preferred area of study, filling out college applications and financial aid forms, scheduling placement exams, and overcoming obstacles to education such as transportation, books, tuition costs, etc. The counselor also works to engage the youth’s family in the process of educational fulfillment in order to increase the chances of success for the youth.

Continuing Education

Youth who want to continue their studies at a four-year school can apply for additional assistance through Adelphoi’s existing scholarship and assistance funds.

For more information about the Adelphoi Promise, please contact Brooke Pierce at 724-537-9110 or brooke.pierce@ketterercharter.org.

If you are interested in donating to the Adelphoi Promise, please contact Karyn Pratt at 724-804-7106 or karyn.pratt@adelphoi.org.