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Meet Hailey!

Hailey is a personable, friendly, energetic 16 year old Caucasian teen girl. She is an amazing artist, and enjoys all things crafting. Hailey loves playing with her dolls, my little pony toys, and stuffed animals.
“I am in 11th grade for the 2022-2023 school year. I would like to live on a farm with a mom and a dad. I like pets, especially kittens, puppies, and horses. I don’t mind going to church. I love to collect My Little Ponies! Princess Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie are my favorites! I am a good artist and I love to draw but drawing horses, cats, and unicorns are my favorite. I love girly and sparkly things. Lil Wayne and Eminem are my favorite singers. I think I am sweet, friendly, and sometimes shy.” Hailey would also like the option to maintain some level of contact with her birth parents, although this is not a deal-breaker for her. Hailey is legally free for adoption.

For more information about Hailey, please contact:
Kelly Smith, CSR worker
Adelphoi Village
Phone: 570-265-0213

Meet David!

David is a 14-year-old male who is looking for a family with patience. He describes himself as helpful, energetic, and friendly and he likes all kinds of sports. He is looking for a forever family that has older siblings, preferably a 2 parent family with pets.
He would like them to be fun people to be around but provide him with guidance as well as some independence to learn on his own. Trust is important to him in a family. He loves rap music and watching the Steelers. Football, wrestling, and basketball have provided him with an outlet for his energy.

He is the kind of kid that can play outside with buddies or chill inside watching YouTube. He would like to own his own landscaping business someday or perhaps work in the gas industry.

For more info on David:
Please contact
Jenna Morrone
Or call 570-326-0532

PAE# C08AB31

Meet Luke!

Luke is a loving and energetic 13-year-old boy who loves to go camping, swimming, visit water parks and play video games. He also really likes tree houses and interacting with others. Luke enjoys spending time battling with Beyblades with his friends.

Some of Luke’s favorite foods are cheeseburgers and Ramen noodles with ranch. Luke prefers a family that has a mom and a dad who are patient, and loving and will allow him to maintain contact with his birth family. Luke would be best suited in a home with children that are his age or older. He thrives in environments that have structure and consistency. He would also really enjoy a home with pets, especially cats.

Luke is free for adoption.

For more information on Luke, Please contact:
Alicia Bishop, Permanency Specialist
(272) 234-5038
PAE: C08AB34

Loving Homes Needed!

Meet Anna!

Anna is a fun-loving, sweet girl who is available for adoption. She is in 12th grade and in Life Skills classes. 

Anna likes to collect earrings and stuffed animals and loves dogs and cheetahs. She likes to ride bikes, swim and watch YouTube. She would like to be a travel photographer.

Anna is looking for a family to call her own. If you can provide a loving home for Anna, please contact Jenna Morrone, 570-326-0532 or

Parental rights have been terminated,
Anna is available for adoption. 

PAE #C59AB44


Children need foster care for a host of reasons, including abuse or neglect, family breakdown or illness, or a physical threat to their safety.  Becoming a foster family is an opportunity to provide a loving home, a stable environment, and a fresh start.  Foster parents transform the lives of children and find their own lives transformed in the process.

Why Adelphoi?

Adelphoi is 50-year-old organization with a proven track record of providing 24/7 support to families throughout the entire foster care journey including a dedicated caseworker.  Adelphoi’s comprehensive training and development program equips families to deal with the challenges that come with transitioning a child into a new environment.

Why me?

There are so many types of foster families! Adelphoi’s foster families represent a broad range of individuals.  Adelphoi considers all candidates for foster parenting, regardless of age, sex, race, marital status or sexual orientation.

Contact us to learn how you can give a child a loving home.