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300 Words

In Eastern culture there is a beloved character; a happy little rabbit with a broom. The story about the little rabbit is that his job is to clean up his little space; he is a disciplined guy and he does the job well whenever his space needs it.  His job is not to repaint the room or hold the world on his shoulders; there is no supervisor telling him what to do, or when to do it.  He just knows his role and does his best in his own little corner and feels good about himself.

I’m looking for my inner rabbit! It’s not the first time I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

First of all, the news and news cycle are completely exhausting and demoralizing;

Second, I’ve probably set some pretty unreal expectations about what I should be getting done – work, family, friends, doctor appointments, money, exercising, mowing (soon snow removal); and

Third, with so much to do, I’m distracted and sometimes I avoid the very work I need to do that would make me feel better.

When I get stuck, sometimes a TED Talk or two can push me forward. It may be a little pop-psych; a simple solution to a more complex problem… but here are a couple of my favorites.



Here are two more that have nothing to do with the above topics, I just like them.


If you have a favorite TED Talk, send it to me!

Nancy Kukovich, CEO


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