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A total eclipse — how amazing! We were lucky enough to be at the beach, not because we’d planned it, but friends had an extra bedroom and we are trying to say ‘YES’ more. It was a once in a lifetime event, something that makes you feel part of something much bigger than yourself, get some perspective.

This year has been a tough one at the Kukovich household. Many of you know that my partner, Allen, was diagnosed with cancer in February and had some major surgery.  Just as he was feeling better he fell, suffered a concussion, and then had a stroke. WOW, REALLY?  He’s doing much better and we’ve had some amazing support, but it has resulted in feelings I don’t like; loss of control, vulnerability, and a new awareness of what others are going through.

Divorce, death, suicide, serious illness, treatment, estrangement, financial, changes in physical ability, empty nest, or a new family member – I hear every day about the changes that staff at Adelphoi are going through. The stress of adult life is serious business, but we continue as best we can to process it, all while still working and balancing everything else we do.

At the Adelphoi Supervisor’s meeting last month, Theresa Matson did a presentation on Vicarious Trauma; the process of change that happens because you care about other people who have been hurt and feel committed or responsible to help them. Over time, this process can lead to changes in your psychological spiritual and physical well-being (not unlike post-traumatic stress).

Whatever the source, we all know that self-awareness is the first step in self-care. Sometimes we can work things through by talking to friends, partners or clergy.  Sometime it takes more, such as talking to a professional counselor.  As part of your benefit package, Adelphoi offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided free of charge by an outside vendor.  The program is totally confidential and available 24/7 for a host of life problems that we get handed (855-775-4357).

Remember, it takes time to reconcile the changes that take place. Take time to breathe, meditate, exercise – spend some time on your well-being, take the first step. Speaking from experience, it’s worth the effort.

And thanks for the support I get from all of you.

Nancy Kukovich, CEO

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