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Youth Artworks

Artwork of a beach scene by Ariel
~ Artwork by Ariel



Your future depends not on your actions of the past
Your actions this day forward is where your future will be cast.
You have been given a new chance – a life’s reprieve.
To renew your commitment and never again to deceive.
Each day strive in your efforts to turn a new leaf.
To do unto others no harm or cause them any grief.
Take comfort in the knowledge each day is to become a better man.
Be true to yourself and others always be willing to lend a hand.
Seek not life’s fortunes but seek the fortune of life.
Greed and lies will only cause you more strife.
Believe in life my friend and don’t fret if you make a mistake.
Let your virtues stand true and your dreams don’t ever forsake.
Remember the teaching you have learned here.
Use them as a beacon to see your path clear.
Believe not only in man’s words that are hastily spoken.
Man’s words may only lead to promises yet to be broken.
Search your heart for what you know is right and never again fall prey to deceit and lies.
Take this change to reset your future to forgive and rekindle family ties.
Use this as an inspiration to follow your heart’s dreams and let it guide you true.
For your life’s future can only be decided by what’s inside of you!

~ by Anthony R. (SIL)



Artwork of boats and docks by Zach
~ Artwork by Zach



Artwork of a green plant in an orange and yellow striped container by Tonya
~ Artwork by Tonya



If you wake up in the morning
And the hurting is so great
You don’t want to get out of bed
And face a world of hate.

If everything in life goes wrong
And nothing you do seems right
You just try a little harder
And soon you’ll see the light.

For every person who put you down
And filled your life with pain
You must strive to achieve greatness
And show them that you can win.

For every disappointment
For the times you were let down
There will be a better moment
And your life will turn around

Because everyone feels heartache
And everyone feels pain
But only those who have true courage
Can get up and try again.

~ Ashley P. (foster care)

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