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Welcome to 300 Words!

Hey all, I’m starting a “Blog” (barely know what that is) that will go out to the entire Adelphoi staff at the beginning of every month. I’ll try it for a year, about 300 words; then we’ll reevaluate. There is a lot going on in this organization; lots of challenges to mee...
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Youth Artworks

~ Artwork by Ariel     Your future depends not on your actions of the past Your actions this day forward is where your future will be cast. You have been given a new chance – a life’s reprieve. To renew your commitment and never again to deceive. Each day strive in your...
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Sun Shines on Adelphoi Olympians

Over 200 youth and staff took part in Adelphoi’s annual Olympics, held at Latrobe Memorial Stadium. Youth from residential programs, foster care and education services participated in the long jump, 100 yard dash and various relays. The event was followed up by a picnic...
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