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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”  ~Dr. Seuss

By now, all employees have received an increase in wages and should have received an appreciation gift card.  On behalf of the Board and Leadership team at Adelphoi, thank you!  The work is hard, the increasing requirements are frustrating; but through it all, the outcomes for the kids we serve are improving.

Personally, the emails and “thanks” as I walk around campus have been terrific.  It sure is easier being the CEO when we have money to distribute! But it’s not random, there is a philosophy and a plan behind all of this, and I want to spend my words on it today.  First of all, when Adelphoi does well, our philosophy is to share with those that make it possible – Adelphoi employees.  Doing well for us means that the number of kids in our various settings and the rates we received are better than breakeven; this year about 4%.  It didn’t hurt that the market did well too, and with the Board’s permission, we were able to put it into wages and benefits (total compensation package).

But what wages?  What benefits? The Board has adopted a philosophy to pay our employees on par with other employees who do like work throughout our region.  To get comparative data, we had an outside entity review compensation four years ago and another is scheduled for this year.  What we found was that the entire non-profit field had fallen behind and so had Adelphoi.  The numbers of kids served were good but our rates and revenues were way behind.  Increasingly it was difficult to hire new people at our starting wages and turnover among current employees was going up.

So we have been executing a plan; I report on our progress to the Board every quarter. The plan calls for: strategic changes in our wage scale to respond to the report, to provide wage increases and bonuses whenever possible, to increase starting salaries when we provide raises to our employees,  to ask employees for their suggestions to reduce turnover, and to ask for the rate increases needed to continue to provide high quality services. We’re not done; it will be a constant battle, especially in light of the continuing state budget crisis (we’re not getting paid!) and increasing benefit costs. But we’re going to stay on it and we’re not done.

-Nancy Kukovich, CEO

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